skin care tip

skin care tip

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Clean Your Brushes is a must!!!! want to make sure you clean your brushes before any use on clients..or twice a your brushes avoids minor break outs..due to the bacteria build up you can cause many of those.... my homemade remedies on how to clean your will need..alcohol...detergent....light shampoo...a little of leave in conditioner to soften the bristles on your brushes..and bottled will mix together ..and pour in your desired container..once you have cleaned your brushes..let them air dry before use!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

skin care tip

ladies!! before you add any makeup to your face..make sure you wash your face first!!...once you have washed your face..add a nice dewy moisturizer of the best moisturizers I have used is Jergens Face Cream..its the BEST!! it deeps clean your skin to remove dirt and makeup..and provides a radient dewy base for makeup...also it softens your skin and fights dryness!!!..fancy up ladies!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

makeup for beginners!

Hello everyone. I know many of you would love how to do your own makeup without spending tons of money....heres a simply can go to a drug store and get inexpensive makeup...heres some great makeup I have tried..loreal hip..bright..bold..and beautiful!!! colors shows up so pretty!!...also maybelline is a great line for ones who love to wear those neutral earthy colors..such as greens..golds..bronze..etc..u can purchase these cosmetics at your nearest walmart..CVS...or wallgreens!!!!